Shiggy Says Stop Getting Out of Cars for Challenge

The creator of Drake's "In My Feelings" challenge, Shiggy, has been blown away by the number of people that have taken part in his dance moves. However, he wants those who partake to stop getting out of their cars to do so. 

Shiggy told TMZ that Drake's fans are unnecessarily putting themselves in danger by getting out the car to do dance on busy streets.

"Personally I don't really like what's going on with it because it's dangerous [and] a lot of kids are starting to do it," he said. "(...) I never got outside the car or anything [when I did it], I was not really associated with a car with the video. But I think it elevated from getting out of the car, to, now it's a moving car. It's something dangerous and I'd rather people stop doing it and just have fun. Do it safely and have fun. That's what it's mostly about."