6ix9ine Says His Kidnapping/Robbery was Inside Job

Just a few days ago, 6ix9ine was hospitalized after being robbed, and kidnapped in Brooklyn. He told DJ Akademics that he suffered "concussion trauma to the head" after getting knocked unconscious twice.

The rapper says that he is fine, and believes that the whole situation was an inside job.  

"It wasn't no outside n***as. It's n***as that know how the king of New York moves, you know what I'm saying? The only person that can get a Pharaoh in Egypt is the person who helped build the fuckin' kingdom, you know what I'm saying? The n***a that's right next to him. The n***a that know who built that shit, that got the blueprints."

In reference to XXXTentacion's death, it has been said that individuals tried to rob him, and when refusing to give up his items, they shot. Because of his unforunate death, 6ix9ine said he decided to let the attackers take what they wanted to protect his life.

 "I'm just happy to be alive. I look at the X situation and I'm just like, 'That could have been me.' That would have been the same situation if I didn't give it up."