#PKLive King Combs Talks About His Legacy & Single

Recently, King Combs came into the studio to talk to Papa Keith about how he is making a place for himself in the music industry.

King Combs, real name Christian, shared that his artist name came from Instagram. He says he saw someone with the name "King Combs" and decided to hit the guy up for the name. He specifically liked the name because he feels that he is a king and wants others to value that same royalty in themselves as kings and queens.

Speaking of royalty, King plans to follow the legacy of his father, Diddy. King has a lot to live up to. Yet, he already knows that he is coming after a line of epic rappers under his fathers Bad Boy empire, (Biggie, Mase, 112, and more, he says "I have to be a great artist, and I gotta work hard."

His hit single right now, "Love You Better," features Chris Brown, and apparently the video will be out soon. 

His goal right now is to drop his album, which has no date at the time. He wants to represent for the the Bad Boy culture and take the label another 20 years.