Instagram Update: Stories with Music!

Instagram has been making some crazy updates. They just launched IG TV, and now they are allowinf users to add music to the background of their stories. 

The update makes sense considering that the Story feature itself is utilized by over 400 million users daily. Additionally, over 45 percent of IG users are following a verified music account, and the top 5 most-followed pages belong to musicians.

The way it will work is that when users go to make their story, they can record and then open up the music library that will have songs listed y mood, genre, popularity, or title and artist. 

The song option will be offered as a sticker, such in the way that the location, hashtag, and poll options are. when others browse your story, they will hear the song play automatically and be able to read the song title and what not on the sticker.

Instagram is definitely taking over the app game.