Kanye Says He Never Said Slavery Was A Choice...

Remeber when Kanye said that he thinks 400 years of slavery sounds like a choice, and all of black twitter was thinking wtf?Well, now Yeezus is arguing that he did not say that. 

He recently told the New York Times:

“I said the idea of sitting in something for 400 years sounds — sounds — like a choice to me, I never said it’s a choice,” he said. “I never said slavery itself — like being shackled in chains — was a choice. That’s why I went from slave to 400 years to mental prison to this and that. If you look at the clip you see the way my mind works."

 “I feel like I’m in court having to justify a robbery that I didn’t actually commit, where I’m having to somehow reframe something that I never said. I feel stupid to have to say out loud that I know that being put on the boat was — but also I’m not backing down, bro. What I will do is I’ll take responsibility for the fact that I allowed my voice to be used back to back in ways that were not protective of it when my voice means too much.”

 Here is the orginal video if you haven't seen: