Students Get Bulletproof Shields at Graduation!?

The New York Post just reported that an entire 8th grade class at a Pennsylvannia middle school were given the perfect gift to prepare them for highschool. Bulletproof military styled shields. 

The shields are called SafeShield and they are distributed by Unequal Technologies. They have a 10-by-12-inch panel and 20-ounce plate.

Via The Shade Room

“Handguns are useless against a product like this. Shotguns are useless against a product like this,” said Rob Vito, the company’s president. “They’ll stop the most powerful handguns in the world — .44 Magnums, .357 Sigs.” However, the product reportedly does not protect against semi-automatic rifles.

Considering all the school shootings happening nowadays, the gift may be fitting.