Trey Songz is Being Sued By Detroit Police Officer

Trey Songz is in some legal trouble... again. This time, he has been arrested and charged for disturbing the peace. Also... assaulting/resisting/obstructing an officer. Sheesh!

Media outlets claim Trey is in a legal battle against a cop. The Detroit cop says that Trey put hands on him back in December 2016!

@TMZ_Tv says that when Trey was at a concert, the venue turned the lights off when the show went over the given time. The singer got upset and began to throw equipment, even hitting a photographer with a mic stand. When Sgt. Avery tried to cuff him, Trey punched him. 

“He allegedly suffered visible bruising and swelling to his right temple, as well as a contusion to his left forehead,” according to TMZ.

Continuing, Avery says Trey made comments such as “F*** you cracker. White motherf******. F*** all you honkeys and f*** the police.”

Something tells us that this isn't the end of Trey's bad boy streak.