Jacquees Arrested for Speeding, Marijuana, & More

Jacquees just can't catch a break. The singer was previously cuffed in March for no seat belt in Miami, earlier this month he was taken in for disorderly conduct in Milwaukee, and not he has been arrested for a number of thing in Atlanta.

Jacquees was taken in Thursday morning for speeding at 3am in the morning, going 116 mph! Of course he was pulled over by cops. However, before they approached, the singer through something out of the window. Weed.

The officers searched the car and found more to go with it. 

As you can assume, Jacquees got a lengthy list of charges, including: speeding, littering, reckless driving, and possession of a controlled substance.

Hopefully third times a charm, and Jacquees has learned his lesson about trying to outsmart the law.

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