You Can Mute Someone's Posts on Instagram Now!

Instagram is always updating something and we know you're all tired of it. However, this newest update will have you thanking them.

Word is out that now IG users can mute someone's posts from their feed. That's right. You no longer have to see those pictures of your ex living their best life, nor do you have to see your family members posting cringing photos. 

Previously, you could only mute someone's story from appearing on your fed, but now you can still follow someone and not see their posts by choice. This feature is very similar to the one used o Twitter and Facebook. 

According to BuzzFeed News, users will still be able to navigate the accounts they block, normally. With a muted account you can still view their profile, pics, and even DM's, they just won't show on your feed.

The update is going to take a few weeks to kick into effect for everyone so be patient. 

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