Poll Shows Kanye is Liked By White People Mostly

Kanye has been trending for his Trump advocacy and shocking statements such as saying slavery "sounds like a choice" to him.

Well with his loss of old fans and accumulation of new ones, CNN decided to do a poll on where he stood with the races. Of course, you guess it. Ye has more favorability with whites.

Via Complex,

According to the poll, 24 percent of self-identified white Americans said they had a favorable opinion of Kanye, while 20 of those identifying as non-white could say the same. Overall, Kanye’s favorability rating is negative—with 53 percent comprising the unfavorable margin, and a mere 23 percent in the favorable section.

It's obvious that "Yeezus" is slowly losing the support of the colored community and his conservative views have garnered the adoration of a very white/right winged group of people. It may stay this way depending on what obscene thing he says next.