Cardi B Reveals Baby's Gender & Talks About Nicki

Cardi B recently appeared on Howard Stern's radio show and spill all the tea on what gender her baby is and what was really happening in all those Met Gala photos with her and Nicki Minaj.

For starters Cardi stated everything we already knew for th most part, that her and Nicki were not the best of friends. However, Cardi says that we all don't know as much as we think, such as the reason they were at odds in the first place.

She says, "There was a misunderstanding. I think she felt some type of way about something. I definitely felt some type of way about something," she explained. "I spoke to her in the Met Gala about it. And it's just like, see, it was just something that had to be talked about. Because, like, it was an issue."

She wouldn't say what the issue is but we can only wonder. 

Cardi B also went on to say that her and Offset's baby girl is due this summer, and they already have a name picked out that she is not revealing at the time as her fiance is the one who picked it.