Kevin Hart's Friend Arrested for Extortion Attempt

If you remember last summer, comedian Kevin Hart was being extorted over a video where he was intimate with a woman.

 Kevin Hart Extortion Case: Search Warrants Issued - Thumbnail Image

Kevin Hart Extortion Case: Search Warrants Issued

Not only did this affect his reputation in the media, but it also affected his marriage. He even shared a heartfelt apology to his wife via social media. 

Well the person who extorted him over the video was actually a good friend of the actor. Mercury News reports that it was actor Jonathan Todd Jackson. Apparently they have been close friends for 15 years, and can be seen in several pics on social media together.

On social media Hart expressed his shock and disbelief. 

Jackson has been arrested and if convicted, it is being said that he could face up to four years in prison. Daily News says that Prosecutors are asking for $100,000 bail.