Tamar Braxton Goes OFF After Being Accused Of Lip-Syncing By Deray Davis

Note to self: Do NOT call out Tamar Braxton for lip-syncing. 

Actor-comedian DeRay Davis found himself on the "Love & War" singer's bad side when the two appeared thogether Wednesday night on VH1’s Hip Hop Squares.

During the live filming of the episode, Davis jokingly took a shot at Tamar after she asked for a self-introduction before the show kicked off.

“Ay, Tamar, are you gonna say it or lip-sync it?” he asked before a roaring response from the crowd. Tamar didn't seem to notice the comment the first time around, but when rapper Lil Kim repeated it for her, all hell broke loose.

“Oh, hold the f**k up, what we not getting ready to do…” she said while making her way down to Davis despite Terrence J’s attempts to hold her back. 

Tamar had some backup, too, as Lil Mama stood behind her to reassure that she “got her back” during the confrontation with Davis.

We're told DeRay barked back he didn't care who Tamar was or who her sisters were ... because he'd get HIS sisters to beat her a$$.

They were eventually separated and filming resumed. 

And after filming, Tamar and DeRay allegedly hashed things out after the show (which returns Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. EST).