#PKLive H.E.R. on Hiding Her Face, Focus, & More!

H.E.R. recently visited The Beat studio to fill us in on the mystery behind her success, top single, and even her name!

The singer is blowing up all over the airwaves with her single "Focus" but many can't help but wonder who the face is behind the single. If you explore the social media of H.E.R., you will find that she does her best to cover her face, mostly with her hair, shades, or hands.

"I don't think I am hiding, I don't think it matters that you see my face or not", the singer argues. "I really just want people to focus on the music and that the authenticity is coming back."

She definitely has a message that she is trying to get across, and it has worked thus far considering that her single is unlike anything out right now. She tells that there is only "two genres of music, good and bad... I want to be genre-less."

Among other projects, H.E.R. is interested in getting into acting, touring more, and exploring different avenues. Unlike SZA who recently mentioned that she is taking a break from music, H.E.R. tells that she doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

She is set to tour with Chris Brown, and Rich the Kidd for the Heartbreak On A Full Moon Tour in the upcoming months, so don't miss the opportunity to see who H.E.R. really is this summer!