Nelly Says Hes Innocent Of All Assault Allegations

Via The Shaderoom,

Nelly is currently under investigation for sexual assault but he’s insisting that he’s done nothing wrong. Paparazzi cameras caught up with the rapper at LAX yesterday he straight up said “I’m innocent.”

“I’m responding how I’ve always responded from day one, ” he said.

As we previously reported, Nelly’s latest allegation comes from a member of the U.S. Military. She’s accusing him of sexually assaulting her while she was stationed overseas in the U.K. Sources say Nelly is also currently under investigation for another alleged assault in England that allegedly went down last December. “We are investigating after a woman reported to us that she was sexually assaulted,” Essex police confirmed.

Another accuser, Monique Greene, filed new legal docs against the rapper but then dropped her case after refusing to work with police.