Someone From Cardi B’s Team Says She’s Pregnant

Via Complex

The usual suspects are out here pushing pregnancy allegations again. Early Wednesday, TMZ ran a report claiming that "members" of Cardi B's "team" told people over Super Bowl LII weekend that the Grammy-nominated "Bodak Yellow" crafter was pregnant.

Specifically, TMZ's sources claim that Cardi had a special VIP area reserved at the Maxim party in Minneapolis that weekend. After her performance, an employee of the venue offered to escort Cardi to the VIP area "where alcohol was flowing." At this point, the report claimed, a Cardi rep intervened to say the singer would rather stay near the stage and drink water. This same rep then allegedly told the venue employee that Cardi "was three to four months pregnant."

Cardi hasn't directly responded to TMZ's latest act of TMZery, likely because none of this is any of their—or anyone's, for that matter—damn business. However, she diddrop this on Instagram Wednesday morning: