This App Lets You Create Contracts Before Sex

Via Complex,

A Dutch company named LegalThings claims they have a convenient solution to fostering safe and consensual sex. Their new app LegalFling will allow sexual partners to document their "do's and dont's" prior to hitting the sheets.

“Asking someone to sign a contract before having sex is a little uncomfortable,” LegalThings CEO Rick Schmitz said in a press release for the app. “With LegalFling, a simple swipe to consent is enough to legally justify the fling.” LegalThings notes that giving consent through the app will be much like “sending a WhatsApp message that indicates privileges.”  LegalThings team member Martijn Broersma told Gizmodo that Live Contracts create a proof of existence, which means “both parties will hold an immutable version of the explicit consent / contract.” Essentially, after each partner agrees to what they are/are not comfortable with sexually, those notes are timestamped and logged into a block chain. LegalThings' tagline is blunt: “we change the #metoo’s into #iFling’s.”