Charlottesville Elects 1st Black Female Mayor

Via The Shaderoom

Last August, Charlottesville, SC was the site of violent white nationalist protests after confederate statues were removed. However, just six months later, the city is beginning to claw its way out of the grip of white supremacy with a new mayor.

#NikuyahWalker was elected as the city’s first black female mayor on Tuesday night and also became the city’s first independent candidate to be elected since 1948! She’s expressed that she’s up for the challenge. “I go into a room, and I challenge immediately,” she told CBS19 News. “I challenge myself, and I challenge other people.”

Not everyone is so supportive of her new position though. According to Newsweek, Councilmember Kathy Galvin insisted that it would be “extremely revolutionary” to have a white vice mayor—rather than the current black one—so that Charlottesville “could work through racial barriers.” Walker’s response? “That shows the problem we have,” she said.

Per her campaign website, Walker says, “We must unmask the illusion of Charlottesville as a world-class city where everyone is thriving.” What a great place to start! Congratulations, sis!