ICYMI: Lebron makes History, Nicki leaves Us Gagging, & KelseyNicole Speaks

Listen Up Luvies ‘cuz it was a BUSY weekend for the Culture and there are some big names hogging the headlines so ICYMI…

Lets Get Into It!

1st off….Nicki Minaj officially kicked off her Pink Friday 2 World Tour and in the words of Super KY, we are gagging!!! From the costumes to the choreo to the set design everything about this tour is giving….EVERYTHING!!! Take a look for yourselves…

if you’re like us then you’re probably thinking….why the hell didn’t she lead with THIS?! I mean Nicki BEEN that GIRL who eats and leaves no crumbs so whyyyyyy she continues to feed the negativity with the foolishness is beyoooooooond but hopefully this marks the beginning of a new era for the Queen of the Barbz. *Now we just gotta get her that Grammy!*

Speaking of Queens….lets talk about the King of the Court…King James!!!

Lebron made HISTORY over the weekend when he became the 1st player in the history of the NBA to score his 40,000th Career Point!!!

Clearly a MONUMENTAL moment not only for Bron but also for the League itself and the craziest part is that he’s not even done playing yet!!! *Still won’t get me to call him the 🐐 but theres no denying he is a once in a generation athlete and one fo the best to EVER play the game!*

And last and certainly least in my book…(all the tea, all the shade)….Meg Thee Stallions former Bestie Kelsey Nicole had her first interview in 4yrs…🥱

I’ll leave a few clips below and let you decide for yourselves whether or not she said anything of importance or if she’s just trying to make herself FEEL important…

Annnnnnnnnnd Now You’re ALL Caught Up!!!

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