ICYMI: Blac Chyna’s Momma Has Words for Meg Thee Stallion & Nicki Minaj…🤨

Ok, so every once in a while something happens that inspires me to issue a KimmyBSA…

Todays inspo comes from hometeam in the form of a post from our very own Tokyo Toni to both Nicki Minaj annnnnd Meg Thee Stallion…Check it out

So…lets unpack this.

According to Tokyo Toni (Blac Chynas Mama) Sooooomebody reached out to her with the “audio” that proves their “beef” ain’t nothing more than a ploy to get streams….

So basically she’s saying out of alllllllllll the people in the world that “someone” could have leaked this info to…they went with…………….Tokyo Toni…

While we all wish Nicki Minaj and Meg Thee Stallion would figure their **** out Imma need allllllll GROWN folks to stay out of young peoples petty, messy bidness…Tokyo Toni.

You are all together toooooo damn grown to be inserting yourself…UNIVITED…into other peoples business.

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