ICYMI: The Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer Dropped and ITs FIYAHHHH!!!


The GTA VI trailer dropped yesterday and its everything we hoped for and MORE…

Check it out….

MIAMI where you at?! Florida Man…Stand Up!!! This is Vice City Supersized and we are soooooo here for it!!!

And if you missed any of it, the chicks twerking out the roof of the car, the gators, the seaplane headed to The Keys (or maybe the Bahamas) then you’ll love this full breakdown from our friends over at GameSpot

If you’re wondering when GTA 6 drops…it ain’t no time soon!

The most highly anticipated game of the 2020’s won’t officially hit shelves until 2025, sooooo if you don’t have an XBOX/PS5 or other appropriate gaming systems now would be the time to cop one ‘cuz you’re definitely gonna wanna play this s***!!!

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