Say It Ain’t So: Prime and Tracey Edmonds Announce Separation…

Coach Prime might be in contention for Sportsperson of the Year but Boyfriend of the Year…thats questionable.

Why do I say that? Well because after 10+ years of dating Tracey Edmonds and Deion Sanders have decided to separate.

That’s right, another one of our favorite celeb couples has decided to call it quits via the gram and we are not here for it…at all.

Here’s the post from Tracey (which of course has the comments turned off)…

Now, Prime didn’t make the breakup insta-official, however he did comment somewhere and of course the gossip sites were able to grab a quick screenshot…

So, while it seems these two very grown folks will be parting ways as friends who wish each other nothing but the best the comment section most certainly feels a way about this split!

Lots of folks pointed out the fact that these two will be lucky to find “new” people who will love them for them and not just the clout and the bag that they both bring to the table. Others pointed out that they’ve already invested a significant amount of time in each other…why would you just walk away from that especially at THIS point in their lives?!

I mean really…when you’re both in your 50s and super high profile do you think its best to split-up orrrrrr should you call up the family therapist (or in their case the family pastor) and schedule some extra sessions???

At the end of the day only they know what’s best for them but I think I can speak for lots of us when I say…in my Tyra Voice…that We were ALL Rooting for YOU!!!

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