YNW Melly's Double Murder Retrial Delayed Until....

Today in court (Monday July 8) Judge Martin Fein rescheduled the double murder retrial's start date to September 10, 2025 following multiple delays throughout the case .

Judge John Murphy paused proceedings prior, due to prosecutors appealing his decision on a motion to exclude evidence. This decision came as the defense sought to present a documentary on YNW Melly as crucial evidence in the retrial. The defense team argued that although the documentary shed light on the defendant's life, the origin of a particular text statement remained speculative. They contended that the statement could have been added by the director, producer, editor, YNW Melly himself, or any number of individuals. Therefore, lacking clarity on its source, they asserted that the statement held no evidentiary weight.

There has been many disagreements between the both legal sides.

Check out YNW Melly's mother sharing her update on her son's situation below.

Melly's lawyers claim Broward County really messed this up" .

Drop your thoughts on YNW Melly's legal battle taking a pause until September 2025.

Photo: Getty Images

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