Julio Foolio's Death "Murder for Hire"?

Jacksonville, Florida rapper Julio Foolio was shot and killed in a Tampa hotel parking lot. Julio Foolio, whose real name is Charles Jones II, attorney said it was an "ambush".

Julio was celebrating his 26th birthday.

Julio Foolio had survived at least three gunshot wounds over the past four years before tragically succumbing to a fatal shooting in Tampa.

He was associated with the Jacksonville gang known as KTA (Kill them all), which has been engaged in a prolonged feud with ATK (Ace's Top Killer's), a rival gang prominently linked to Jacksonville rapper Yungeen Ace, whose real name is Kenyatta Bullard.

Yungeen Ace had been targeted in a retaliatory shooting following the death of Zion Brown, Jones' cousin, in June 2018. The incident occurred during a celebration at a restaurant in St. Johns Town Center for the rapper's brother's birthday. Yungeen Ace survived after sustaining eight gunshot wounds, but tragically, his brother Tre'von Bullard, along with Royale D'Von Smith Jr., and Jercoby Da'Shad Groover, all aged in their teens, did not survive.

The beef between both sides has been going down play by play on the internet. With post made bragging of shootings and or where there location is in real time/.

"On everything I love, on the dead homies, I put it on everything, on my soul, on my kid, n***a: I’m the one that smacked Julio Foolio that night when he got dropped at his birthday celebration," the unidentified individual said in a video posted to social media. "I ain’t gonna show my face or give my identity away or nothing like that, but you know, I did that. There was money on his head.

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