Young Thug's RICO Trial Delayed Indefinitely

Young Thug's Rico trial has been delayed due to the actions of Judge Ural Glanville. The trial is on hold until Judge Glanville's actions are reviewed by an outside judge.

 A decision has to be made whether the controversial judge acted inappropriately in having a secret meeting with a witness and prosecutors.

Brian Steel, Young Thug's lawyer recently filed a motion to remove Glanville from the trial. Steel has been outspoken alleging the judge had engaged in an "unlawful, improper ex parte meeting" with Copeland, who had been granted immunity by the prosecution in exchange for his testimony.

Young Thug nor anyone on his legal team did not receive notice about the meeting.

Brian Steel explained how the rapper has been violated ...."constitutional and statutory rights, including the right to due process, a fair trial, a fair tribunal, ethical prosecutors, and the right to be present at every critical stage of the proceedings under the Georgia Constitution."

In the motion to dismiss Judge Granville from the trial, Steel also accuses him of showing bias towards the prosecution.

Judge Glanville has now decided to make transcripts available from the "secret" meeting in question.

Do you think Young Thug is receiving a fair trial at this point? Will Young Thug be granted a bond until everything is figured out?

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