Ray J Reflects On Scuffle with Zeus Network CEO

Ray J expressed doubts about reality after a chain of events while at the BET Awards. The Hollywood royalty star claimed that he was prevented from re-entering the BET Awards at a certain point during the even

He wrote on social media, "The situation that occurred tonight to me at the awards today was hurtful. I'm working backstage and then I go take a break in the back and BET wouldn't let me back in for some reason."

Ray J wrote a long statement describing his experiences following an altercation with Lemuel Plummer; CEO of Zeus Network. The pair have been at odds for some time now.

.....“Then it all went bad!” Ray J wrote. “First at #BET and then later on too! I'm really at a breakin point!”

In his statement, Ray also wrote about his thoughts towards money.

.... “To provide for my family and have generational wealth was always the plan,” he said. “But money is evil and people are bad and I can't take it anymore!”

BET Experience Fan Fest - Day 2

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Representatives for BET did not respond immediately to EW's request for comment.

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