Megan Thee Stallion Fires Again At Nicki Minaj

Megan seems to be targeting Minaj once more...... "Damn, it's been four years/ You're worried about your man and your kid," she raps. "Your life must be incredibly boring if you're still reminiscing about things we did."

Megan dropped her third album today (Friday June 28th). The spicy lyrics that has fans going crazy over Meg aiming for Nicki again is on track called "Rattle" verse two.

Seems like Megan is referring to her collaboration with Nicki in "Hot Girl Summer" and her collaboration with Cardi B in "WAP," released in 2019 and 2020. Following the drop of "WAP" Nicki and Meg's relationship fell off . The Houston Hottie also made sure to include all of her opps. She concludes the verse with,

"And I'm not concerned about the bitter alliance/ You ladies have earned your place in the fan club," potentially alluding to JT, BIA, Maliibu Miitch, Katie Got Bandz, and Akbar V appearing to perform "Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)" during Nicki's Pink Friday 2 World Tour.

What are your thoughts on Megan Thee Stallion's new song "Rattle"? Drop your comments below.

Photo: Getty Images

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