Kodak Black Explains Super Gremlin Lyrics

Kodak Black explained his thought process during "Super Gremlin" era. His reactions to his own No.3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is now certified platinum.

Yak said, “It’s sad, though, bruh ’cause I’m like, ‘That sh#t gon’ park in the mind so quick.’ I’m like, ‘Damn, I don’t wanna say this sh#t, but I know this b##ch gonna do it, homie.’ A n-gga don’t play like that, bruh.

“When I was in my stage when I was taking Percs, I was torn. I swear to God, I was taking about 100 Percs a day. Averaged about 40 a day. If I was f##king with that fake sh3t, I woulda been dead, homie.”

Kodak Black also doubled down on why he's speaking up now...“Explaining myself now, I don’t want y’all to hear that and take that and think it’s ok to do that sh#t, you hear me? Hell no.”

Powerhouse NYC

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The Pompano superstar recently celebrated his 27th birthday and welcomed a new baby son months prior. Kodak explained in that he was actively pursuing sobriety, having invested $350,000 in rehabilitation.

"I'm focusing on self-improvement. Right now, I'm putting in the work," he explained. "I've spent $350,000 to get clean and improve myself......I voluntarily went to rehab without any legal obligation pushing me to do so."

Kodak seems to have overcome his addiction and recently expressed being the happiest he's ever been since getting sober. Kodak just wants to do better for himself and be there for his kids.

If you are fighting addition reach out to your state's drug addiction hotline. Florida statewide substance abuse hotline provides 24/7 counseling in Florida to whomever in drug-related crisis call (313)-209-9637

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