New Florida Housing Law: Landlords Can No Longer Charge 3 Times Rent

Florida Landlords can now ask for a fee instead of a security deposit. Legislation House Bill 133 comes into effect July 1,

Florida’s House Bill 133 brought changes to the Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, enabling landlords to opt for a fee or monthly payments in place of the usual refundable security deposit for rentals. Additionally, landlords can now offer tenants the choice to pay their security deposit in monthly installments rather than as a single lump sum. The aim is to lower the initial costs residents face when moving into a new home.

Some things you may want to know going into a new rental agreement.

a written agreement must disclose that:

  • The tenant has the option to pay the security deposit instead of the fee at any time
  • The fee is nonrefundable (if applicable)
  • The landlord’s use of the fee to buy an insurance product does not affect the tenant’s liability for rent, damages, or other amounts owed
  • The landlord has exclusive discretion whether to offer tenants the option to pay a fee in lieu of a deposit
  • A landlord has 15 days to notify the tenant of any amount owed in unpaid rent, fees, damages or other obligations. An insurance claim for any of these amounts can't be claimed until after this period
  • Fees can’t be raised during the contract’s term

If your about to drop a security deposit or about to move make sure your caught up on your rental rights.

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