Is Young Thug Siding with Lil Baby Over Gunna?

Young Thug has been behind bars well over a year awaiting trial. Jeffery Williams and 28 others affiliated with YSL were arrested on a 56-count indictment. The jury selection for this case has set a record in history for the length of time it took. Not to include the astronomical number of witness that are listed to take the stand.

Brian Steal, Young Thugs lawyer along with family, friends and fans have called for Thug to be freed from jail on bond. Though Thug has been locked up going on two years he has kept his ears to the streets. Thug posted a message on social media yesterday (Wednesday July 27th)

“whateva wham say goes,” referring to Lil Baby’s nickname.

Lil Baby has been outspoken against Gunna following his acceptance of a plea deal from the state of Georgia. Baby has vocalized his feelings towards Gunna's situation multiple times during concerts and music videos.

“Pu##y n-ggas taking pleas/ I know Slime ain’t happy,” he rapped on the track. Lil Baby has not been shy towards blasting Gunna when he can. A video clip hit the net of Lil Baby in an uname club not agreeing with the music selection....

Baby saying, “F#ck the rats, turn this sh#t off” after “Drip Too Hard” began blaring through the venue speakers.

On the other hand Gunna recently did an interview explaining he is still signed to YSL and nothing has changed.

Do you think Lil Baby needs to chill off the "Gunna rat " diss train? Do you think Gunna is down playing the relationship between him, Lil Baby and Young Thug? Drop your thoughts below.

Photo: Getty Images

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