Webbie's Dj Commits Murder Suicide... " DJin for Webbie is a living hell!”

T Gutta and his wife found dead in their Georgia home. According to reports, T Gutta and his wife, Kalisha Seddens-Dunn, have tragically taken their own lives. Authorities were alerted to gunfire at their residence in Powder Springs, GA, on Sunday (June 9). Upon reaching the scene, the bodies of T Gutta and Seddens-Dunn were found.

The purported event unfolded shortly after T Gutta's long Facebook post, in which he criticized Webbie for allegedly creating "hellish" working conditions. T Gutta wrote about how he was just hired to be a dj but ended up being a counselor, driver, manager, babysitter, all the above. While other on the team abandon the down south rapper and dj to fend for themselves. T Gutta even called out Webbies' family members for not wanting to deal with Webbies disgruntle around the clock behavior per Gutta.

T Gutta blasted Louisiana rapper Webster “Webbie” Gradney Jr. Brown's lengthy post for all to feel his pain painting a frustrating picture of his experience working with Webbie, describing it as “a living hell.”

He also accused Webbie of refusing to pay him, hindering his professional growth, and subjecting him to unbearable working conditions.

The Louisiana rapper has yet to respond about the tragic events. The couple shared three children.

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Photo:Getty Images

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