Brian Steel Young Thug's Lawyer Compares Atlanta DA to 'Communist Russia"

Earlier this week Brian Steel was held in contempt of court by Judge Ural Glanville and sent to jail. Initially he was sentenced to 10 weekends in the slammer. Steel requested to be put in jail with Young Thug so he could work on their case.

Since then Steel has been bonded out of jail and the Supreme Court.

Young Thug is accused of renting the car that Lil Woody (Copland) used during a shooting.

Attorney Brian Steel raised concerns to Judge Glanville regarding the treatment of Copeland in and around the courtroom. Steel observed that Copeland frequently has law enforcement, district attorney's office members, and prosecutors accompanying him during breaks and throughout the day, a situation he deemed inappropriate. Steel pointed out that these individuals often linger near the courtroom's double doors, making direct eye contact with Copeland while he testifies, which could suggest coercion or undue influence.

Steel asserted that despite Copeland not being in custody, he appears to be unduly influenced by the prosecution, insinuating potential manipulation or coercion. Steel questioned why Copeland would willingly spend time with the prosecutors and expressed frustration at the lack of full access to information, accusing the Fulton County District Attorney's Office of employing unfair tactics.

Brian Steel spoke on his visual observations of Lil Woody being escorted by DA investigators. He even questioned the judge as to why he is the one bringing it up as in a way to call out Judge Glanville for allowing the behavior. Steel in a flustered voice says, "This is like communist Russia."..... Mr. Williams is having the worst trial.

So I'm moving again to stop intimidating the witness by the prosecution, leave people alone and stop accusing," Steel told the judge.

On another note in the very same sitting Lil Woody admitted to just saying "yes" to questions to move the trial along. He also admitted to not being truthful and just telling the prosecution whatever.

Do you think Young Thug is receiving a fair just trial? Do you think Brian Steel will be granted a mistrial? Do you agree that the prosecution ar suing "bully tactics " on witnesses? Drop your comments below.

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