YSL Woody Fires His Attorney During Court

Following a brief court recess in the YSL RICO case, Kenneth Copeland, also known as Lil Woody, made the decision to dismiss his lawyer while taking the stand. His legal counsel informed Judge Ural Glanville that she had been terminated prior to his testimony.

"Lil Woody"....'She's Fired!'"

Woody's lawyer is alleged to have told Young Thug's attorney about the secret meeting between the judge and prosecutors as reported by Law & Crime

Judge Glanville inquired whether Bumpass informed Thug's lawyer, Brian Steel, about the ex parte meeting on Monday morning.

Despite Bumpass's request to be removed as counsel in the case, and Copeland's support of her decision by stating "she's fired" and expressing his disinterest in her representation, Judge Glanville opted to retain Bumpass in the courtroom, noting her consistent presence throughout Copeland's testimony.

Today Tuesday June 11, Lil Woody's demeanor has not change as he took the stand.

Before Lil Woody testimony began, Bumpass informed the judge of her termination and requested to approach the bench with the state, which was initially denied. Judge Glanville then prompted her to express her concerns openly, to which she hesitated, preferring a private conversation. Reluctantly, Glanville allowed both parties to approach the bench.

Later, Bumpass presented Glanville with a signed order requesting her withdrawal from representing Copeland in the ongoing YSL RICO trial. Glanville approved the request but informed Bumpass that she would need to appear in court on June 25 under an order to show cause.

Yesterday Monday (June 10), Young Thug's lawyer Brian Steel was arrest for contempt when he declined to disclose to Judge Glanville the source of information obtained from the purported ex parte meeting just before the case. He received a sentence of 20 days in jail, to be served on weekends as reported yesterday.

What does this mean now for Young Thug? Will Lil Woody's firing of his lawyer lead to a mistrial? Do you agree with Young Thug's lawyer Brian Steel requesting a mistrial on Monday? Drop your comments below.

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