Sexyy Red Arrested After Airport Brawl

Sexyy Red was arressted over the weekend for disorderly conduct at the Newark New Jersey airport.

Sexyy Red and her crew reportedly, engaged in a confrontation with another group. Recently, TMZ released new footage showing Sexyy Red allegedly wielding a metal pole, although she didn't appear to strike anyone. Despite this, she was arrested but released shortly afterward. Despite the video emerging online, Sexyy Red is now denying being captured on tape.

It is still unclear what started the altercation. Sources have mentioned an unauthorized photo could have been the cause.

Sexyy seems to have already tackled this issue herself. She took to social media over the weekend, mentioning that she "just got out" and later extending an offer to replace the phone of the individuals she had an "altercation" with at the airport.

Sexyy nor anyone from her camp have spoken on the weekends airport toss up.

Photo:Getty Images

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