Finesse2Tymes Gets His Driver's License For The First Time

On Wednesday (May 30th), the Memphis rapper Finesse2Tymes posted a picture of his waiting ticket at the Texas Department of Public Safety in Houston. He was there to "change, replace, or renew Texas ID."

Finesse captioned his picture explaining what he was doing at the age when most individuals get the license around the age of 16. He captioned the post...

“This just to show how far I’m behind in life, 32 years old, And I never had a drivers license [crying emoji] When the average 16-17 year old was taking their drivers license test, I was out stealing cars and selling them to make a living......“I’m just now getting my life in order, Thank god for giving me the strength to get my mental, physical, and spiritual health together, Its time to organize and structure my life, I’m the one gone break the generational curse.”

Finesse2Tymes has been active on his social media with sharing his life events. He recently took to instagram a week earlier sharing he is not happy with his weight loss journey but he is dedicated to his goals.

Check out Finesse2Tymes' post below on his weight loss journey.

Do you remember what age you first got your driver's license?

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Finess2Tymes IG

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