Where Is Drake's Money?

Drake is still dealing with the aftermath of his intense feud with Kendrick Lamar earlier this year. Their back-and-forth diss tracks escalated to some significant allegations. Despite this, Drake hasn't let it slow him down creatively. He recently released a new track featuring Sexyy Red and is also rumored to have other projects on the way.

Drake's musical talents have blessed him with a legacy over $250 million. He recently sold his catalog to Universal Music Group in a $400 million deal. Which led to some fan curios to where does Drake spend his money. CBS picked up on the viral clip of Drake being involve in over 20 business.

As reported CBS decided to do a little further investigation into the mater.  CBC reportedly uncovered more than 50 different businesses in which the rapper's assets exist reported by hnhh.

Check out how Drak uses his companies to protect his wealth below.

Do you agree with Drake's financial set up? Do you think CBS did too much investigating into Drake's financials?

Photo: Getty Images

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