YNW Melly Seeking To Have Co-defendants Phone Calls Excluded

YNW Melly lawyers argue that the discussions between Bortlen (legally known as Cortlen Henry) and Molina primarily consisted of "small talk," rendering them irrelevant to the case's evidence. Moreover, they assert that these conversations are inadmissible hearsay, lacking any substantial basis to be employed against their client.

Therefore A motion has been filed to exclude phone conversations between YNW Bortlen, the co-defendant in the double murder retrial, and his girlfriend Juneviah Molina on Monday (May 20).

Recently Melly was transferred from Broward County Jail, where he had been held since surrendering himself in February 2019, to the Paul Rein Detention Center in Pompano Beach, FL, last month.

Paul Rein Detention Center is a maximum-security facility where staff closely engage with inmates and limit inmate movement. At this facility the inmates are allowed to have visitations without leaving their housing units. It's setup for high security risk inmates to be able to have visits.

YNW Melly stands accused of allegedly conspiring with YNW Bortlen in October 2018 to orchestrate the killings of Juvy and Sakchaser, and make their deaths appear as though they were victims of a drive-by shooting.

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