Catch Rapper Cam'ron's Hysterical Interview With CNN Go Left

Following the release of the Cassie assault footage, Diddy issued an apology.

"It's challenging to confront the darkest moments of your life, but sometimes it's necessary," he shared on Instagram. "I was in a terrible place. I hit rock bottom. But I won't make any excuses. My behavior in that video is indefensible."

Cassie and Diddy reached a settlement for her lawsuit out of court in 2023. However, this civil case marked just the start of Diddy's legal woes. Following the settlement, additional individuals filed lawsuits against him. Furthermore, in March, federal authorities conducted raids on his residences as part of a sex trafficking investigation.

CNN reporter, Abby Phillip interviewed Cam'ron asking him questions on released Diddy video of him assaulting Cassie in a hotel hallway. When answering Cam'ron started off his commentary by stating how he is against domestic violence. Abby continued to ask Cam'ron to his observations of Diddy's behavior, along with did he recognize "that" Sean Combs? Camron seemed to not agree with the wording of the question retorting the question back at the host asking; "What did she mean recognize him?"..the video is out... I know him; we not friends or nothing... with another "What do you mean?" He wanted no association with the type of rage displayed in the video on another human being.

Abby Phillips moved forward with the interview directing her questions towards Diddy's public apology. "Was Diddy's apology genuine and his thoughts?" Cam'ron stressed that the only person that mattered was Cassie's thoughts on the apology.

Cam'ron stuck to common sense answering throughout the interview. Some may say "trolling" Abby Phillip.

Common stated that he's consciously avoiding news that brings negative energy, which includes Diddy's videotaped altercation with Cassie. He's making a deliberate effort to steer clear of such matters and instead concentrate on the positive aspects of his own life.

Released video of Diddy attacking Cassie in a California hotel below.

The business mogul has been salvaging whatever dealings he can these days. He was recently dropped by several partners, like Peloton.

Before Diddy, Peloton had already removed Kanye West's content from its classes in 2022 due to his anti-semitic remarks.

Surveillance footage of Diddy attacking Cassie emerged on May 17, revealing an incident that took place at a Los Angeles hotel in 2016.

The video substantiated some of the claims made in Cassie's lawsuit against Diddy. Cassie had outlined instances of abuse by the mogul in court documents filed in November 2023.

There is sure to be more consequences for the Bad Boy behavior on the horizon.

Cam'ron being a wordsmith with CNN host Abby Phillip below.

Weight in with your thoughts on Cam'ron's interaction with Abby Phillips when asked about Diddy's domestic violence against ex-girlfriend R&B singer Cassie. Was Cam'ron trolling Abby? Do you think Cam'ron will face backlash from some?

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