Kid On XXXTentacion's "Look AT Me Now" Cover Sentenced 10 Years In Prison

The featured kid on the "Look At Me!" cover is facing a 10-year prison sentence. XXL reports that Zachary, also known as KidPronto, has been charged with attempted second-degree murder and battery. The ruling was last Friday (May 10th), following Zachary's plea related to the 2019 stabbing of Keith Tatton.

This decision was confirmed by the Broward State Attorney's Office, with Judge John J. Murphy III delivering the verdict, subsequent to Stoddard's plea of no contest to attempted second-degree murder and battery.

Even though Zachary Stoddard was only 16 at the time of the stabbing, he was prosecuted as an adult. XXXTentacion's tragic was tragically killed in 2018. Zachary was in his own legal trouble at the time, behind bars.

Stoddard, now 21, embarked on his own rap career. Back then XXX wasn't as famous Stoddard mention in a recent interview. He commented on the cover art initially being a group chat joke. Stoddard was smoking and paying around by putting the blunt in his nose. Sending the picture in the group chat led to his face on the cover. He released a few songs but before he could take off in the music industry he was arrested.

As per police reports, the conflict began when Stoddard became upset after his associates tried to leave him behind while heading to a restaurant on April 27, 2019. This escalated into a verbal altercation and physical fight, resulting in Stoddard stabbing the victim multiple times. The victim was hospitalized and put on life support but fortunately survived the incident.

WPLG Local 10's report on the stabbing incident is below. Keep scrolling below and take a glimpse at Stoddard's rap career.

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Video: WPLG Local 10 YouTube and XXXTentacion Elevator on YouTube

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