Lil Baby's Video Shoot Interrupted

Shots fired onset of Lil Baby's music video. While in Atlanta yesterday (Tuesday May 14) police confirmed three men were injured from gunshot wounds. Lil Baby himself was not injured in the chaos. No official statements released from Lil Baby and his team as of yet.

It has been reported the victim's identities have not been released. The police has not uncovered the motive behind the random shooting during the music video shoot.

This is not the first time while Lil Baby was working shots rung out. Gunfire erupted within the FedEx Forum, causing critical injuries to a spectator. Later identification revealed the victim as CEO Jizzle, cousin to the late Young Dolph.

Lil Baby later issued a statement on social media, expressing regret for being unable to perform in Memphis the previous night. He assured fans that refunds would be provided to everyone affected.

Prayers up for all the victims. For your latest updates on what's happening in the culture check back here.

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