Jim Jones Brushes Off Fort Lauderdale Fl Airport Scuffle

Harlem rapper Jim Jones, caught in a tussle Saturday (May 4) at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport. The rapper was scheduled to host a party at Taboo Night Club in Miami later that night.

It hasn't been made clear to why the attack took place. Jones was fighting off two caucasian males on the an escalator. In the video you can hear Jones telling officers he was defending himself. Broward County Sheriff's are seen in the video breaking the three men up.

Jim Jones follows up with a post to his family and friends letting them know he was good and trying to prepare for his gig.

“To all my family I am good love yal way to many calls and text to reply to God is good.”

He continued by reassuring his loved ones, saying: “I’m aight, I gotta get dressed for this party, man. I’ll be right with y’all. Promise you, promise you: I’m aight.”

As Jimmy brushes off the minor battle, 50 Cent and Wack 100 calls out the Dipset rapper. Both 50 Cent and Wack 100 call Jim Jones a 'snitch". 50 Cent

"The old man is going to see you Jimmy...

Wack 100 suggest Kendrick Lamar add the video to his diss track material. Wack went further by posting the definition of rat. Wack 100 has been at Jim Jones neck for a minute since the whole 6ix 9ine snitching scandal.

Checkout Jim Jones below sending instagram messages to his fam and telling his attackers to "pull up."

Photo: Getty Images

Video: TMZ YouTube

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