Dj Akademiks Mentioned Multiple Times In Young Thug Trial

With big names like LeBron James and Serena Williams swirling in the mix, DJ Akademiks finds himself in courtroom conversation. Renowned for extensively discussing the prolonged case on social media, it wasn't entirely unexpected for his name to surface. Nevertheless, Akademiks couldn't shake off his confusion about why he was being implicated in the matter.

"Wat dey talmbout in dis YSL trial mayne," AK tweeted. At one stage, the judge asked if "he or she" would testify, and from the clip, it appears not. Fans in the comments were having a blast with that. The judge also inquired about how DJ's commentary videos on Thug would be introduced. However, the clip ended abruptly before that explanation.

Check out Akademiks tweet of courtroom footage below. The massive witness list is not limited to A-list celebrities. Did you know may Hip-Hop fans favorite rapper name is being called on.

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne is listed as a witness as well. Six months in of testimony, there's been little indication of whether he'll actually take the stand.

That changed today (May 1) during a discussion regarding a video prosecutors wish to present to the jurors featuring Wayne speaking. They aim to introduce it as evidence under a hearsay exception, without requiring Wayne's testimony. However, Judge Ural Glanville expressed doubts about this approach. He stated that they can only admit the video if Wayne is called as a witness.

Judge Ural Glanville speaks on Lil Wayne situation below.

This trial is now slated to last until 2027. Which seems to be inhumane treatment of a citizen having to sit in jail waiting on your speedy trial process to end with results. At trial started there were 737 names on witness list. Since trial start only 40 witness has taken the stand.

What are your thoughts on the twist and turns of Young Thugs YSL trial? Do you think all 200 plus witnesses will take the stand?

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