NBA YoungBoy Hit With 63 New Charges

NBA YoungBoy found himself in legal trouble the other day when authorities apprehended him at his residence in Utah. Initially, reports indicated he was detained on various charges including "patterns of unlawful activity, attempts to obtain drugs, identity fraud, forgery, possession of controlled substances, and possession of a dangerous weapon." New information released today (April 18) suggests that there is more going on with this case than initially anticipated.

NBA YoungBoy has been on house arrest since 2021 as he awaits trial on federal gun charges in Louisiana. YoungBoy was arrested at a video shoot. Police discovered multiple guns and drugs. His trial is scheduled to begin Juy of 2024. Until trial start, NBA YoungBoy is confined to 24-hour lockdown at his residence, with exceptions for medical appointments, court appearances, or other pre-approved activities as determined by the Defendant’s pretrial supervision officer, the court filing states.

Earlier this week YB was detained by authorities and clarity provided surrounding his new charges. YB faces 63 charges primarily linked to an alleged prescription drug fraud scheme. These include 20 counts each of identity fraud, obtaining prescriptions under false pretenses, and forgery. Reportedly, he and his associates called in prescriptions using real doctors' names, leading to their discovery. A probable cause affidavit from Cache County mentions a tip-off from someone posing as "Gwendolyn Cox."

"Gwendolyn" sounded like a young male from the Southern states, using dialect consistent with regions like Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia, according to an affidavit. Pharmacists, like Erik Stewart, found the scheme suspicious, noting discrepancies in the caller's medical terminology and methods.

NBA YoungBoy's alleged involvement in a prescription drug fraud scheme is unclear and raises many questions.

What do you think of NBA YoungBoy being accused of taking part in an alleged drug scheme? Do you think YB's will be sent back to jail for violation should he be found guilty?

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