Nicki Minaj's New Sneaker Alert with Loci

Nicki Minaj unveiled her exclusive sneaker line in partnership with urban luxury vegan brand LØCI, dubbed “Nicki Minaj x LØCI.” The collection showcases 11 distinct unisex bio leather designs, each boasting a tongue logo honoring Minaj as the "Queen of Rap" while nodding to the brand's British heritage. Priced between $185 and $200, these sneakers blend style, sustainability, and homage to rap royalty.

LØCI characterizes their exclusive footwear collection as a fusion of "street-cool aesthetics with high-fashion chic," drawing inspiration from Nicki Minaj's bold fashion choices. The designs encapsulate her Queens-inspired style and signature flair for vanity.

Nicki's collaboration underscores her advocacy for sustainable products and Black-owned enterprises, values central to LØCI. The renowned British brand, favored by A-list celebrities including Alicia Keys, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson, champions purposeful design using eco-friendly luxury materials within the vegan spectrum.

Emmanuel Eribo, co-founder and CEO of LØCI, conveyed in a 2022 interview with Forbes the brand's mission to transcend mere merchandise, aspiring to cultivate a community that sparks a movement. He stated, “LØCI is about building a community that will go on to be a movement. It’s all about making a real impact; we’re here to disrupt, challenge, and educate.”

Minaj further revealed her ownership stake in Løci, expressing alignment with their mission. In a statement, she remarked, “Their mission resonates with mine. Sneakers have undeniably played a transformative role in shaping my unique style, allowing me to boldly express my true self.”

Keep scrolling to explore the Løci shoe collection, assuredly endorsed by Nicki herself as "Nicki-Approved" for your style needs.

Which pair of Nicki Minaj sneakers you feeling?

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