Update Young Thug Rico Trial: State Witness Not Cooperating On Stand

Recent developments in the Young Thug trial have ruined the trial's online reputation. Last month a series of stories emerged, including one where a witness alleged being threatened, and another where a witness claimed to be so high on the stand that they might doze off. The defense has estimated that due to the prosecution's extensive list of witnesses, the trial may extend until 2027. In response to this, the judge has decided to remove certain individuals from the witness list, including Lil Wayne.

Another complication has popped up with a state witness. Yesterday (Apr. 9.), D'Angelo White took the stand to provide insight into Thug's background. However, when questioned about Thug directly, White became uncooperative. He continuously questioned the relevance of the questions to himself before eventually refusing to engage further, stating, "I shouldn't be here," in response to most queries.

Witness-related problems keep piling up in this case, showing no signs of abating in recent weeks. At the beginning of this month, a female witness made accusations of sexual harassment against a Fulton County investigator. Shortly thereafter, another investigator involved in the trial was discovered exchanging inappropriate text messages with one of the witnesses. Thug's defense team labeled this behavior as an attempt to manipulate testimonies in their favor.

The trial is set to last until sometime next year. Even with Judge Ural Glanville knocking down the witness list from 700 to 200 slated to take the stand. As confirmed by the State, Gunna will not testify against Young Thug; among other cuts to the lengthy list of witnesses intended to give a testimony.

For a detailed account of the day's courtroom activities, please see the link below. Bulletproof Radio has been providing you updates throughout the YSL Rico case. Stay linked in for more updates. Do you think Young Thug's case will be dismissed?

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