Rema Is Not Happy With Dreamville Fest

Dreamville Fest is set to be a huge standout hip-hop event of the year. With a lineup boasting musical bliss from across the globe. Along with one of the festival organizers being J. Cole, who is embroiled in a highly-publicized feud with Kendrick Lamar, anticipation was high. However, things didn't unfold as expected. Nigerian sensation Rema alleged that he didn't receive the same level of respect as the American artists on the bill. He further claimed that several African performers, himself included, experienced subpar sound quality on stage, resulting in his set being cut short.

Rema was scheduled to perform on the second day of the festival, but things didn't go as planned. The "Calm Down" singer's set was marred by technical difficulties that persisted for an extended period, prompting him to express his frustration to the audience. "These sound issues are ruining my entire performance," he exclaimed. "I'm really not feeling this situation at all. I'm here representing Africa. This is completely unacceptable." Rema highlighted a perceived double standard regarding sound quality, which momentarily silenced the crowd. "So the sound can't be perfect for every artist who takes this stage, and yet Africa is here and you're messing things up?" he questioned.

Rema was so frustrated he walked off stage.

The technical glitches persisted during Rema's performance. Attempting to showcase his hit single "Calm Down," the singer encountered a problem: his vocals weren't being transmitted through the microphone. Despite his efforts to maintain the momentum, he eventually made the tough decision to end his set prematurely. Clearly frustrated, he bid farewell to the audience as he left the stage. "There are just too many sound issues, my people," he regretfully conveyed to the crowd. "I love you all, my people."

Do you think Rema handled technical issues during his performance properly? What's your favorite Rema track?

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