JT & Yung Miami Make Up After Online Beef

It was a lot to follow on social media yesterday. Tensions flared between the City Girls when Yung Miami interjected herself into a social media dispute between JT and Saucy Santana, as well as a fan of Nicki Minaj.

Miami expressed her frustration with a tweet: "Someone's been sneak dissing me for weeks and I haven't said a word. What's got this person so mad at me?????!!!!!!"

JT then retweeted Miami's post, adding: "Oh, Ms. Mama, today's the last day you get to play dumb!"

Further elaborating for her followers, she continued: "There's too much to say in a tweet! We need to sit down and talk... Caresha, please! And this time, leave Santana at home!"

Since shots fired on the net the wave has changed between the two females. Yung Miami and JT seem to have resolved their conflict after a bout of accusations regarding "sneak dissing."

The longtime friends and groupmates engaged in a public exchange on social media on Monday (April 8), but swiftly appeared to mend fences within 24 hours.

Following the exchange, Yung Miami posted on X (formerly Twitter): "Jatavia, we just got off the phone, now we're back to the internet????"

JT clarified the situation surrounding the post on X: "This tweet was sent BEFORE the phone conversation. I don't know why it didn't go through, maybe because everyone's blowing up my phone, but my stance remains the same."

Share your thoughts on the ongoing drama between Yung Miami and JT in the comments below. Do you believe they'll reconcile and collaborate on music again? Are you eager for another City Girls album? Plus, don't miss out on the latest music news and updates by staying locked in to Bulletproof Radio. We'll keep you posted on your favorite artists and their upcoming projects.

Photo: Getty Images

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