Terrance Howard Suing CAA After They Threaten Him

Terrence Howard has initiated legal action against his former agency, CAA, alleging unfair compensation during his tenure as a cast member on Fox's hit series "Empire." In his lawsuit, Howard claims that CAA systematically undervalued his worth while his white counterparts secured lucrative television deals.

In December, Howard officially filed the lawsuit, expressing his disappointment in CAA's handling of his career. He stated, "I trusted CAA to look after [me], and they looked after themselves," highlighting the agency's failure to secure him compensation commensurate with his contributions as both an actor and a producer. Howard further emphasized the discrepancy in treatment between himself and white actors, stating that he never received the same level of compensation or opportunities typically afforded to his white contemporaries.

During a candid interview with Straighttalkphanee, conducted on the set of his latest film, Howard shed light on the motivations behind his decision to pursue legal action. He drew attention to the disparity in pay between himself and actors from shows like "Big Bang Theory," which CAA also represented. Despite "Empire" boasting significantly higher viewership numbers—28 million compared to 11 million for "Big Bang Theory"—Howard revealed that he was earning a fraction of what his counterparts were making. He highlighted the absurdity of the situation, pointing out that while the actors on "Big Bang Theory" lacked the name recognition and accolades he possessed, they were still commanding exorbitant salaries of up to $3 million per episode.

Howard's lawsuit against CAA underscores broader issues of racial inequality and discrimination within the entertainment industry, particularly regarding equitable compensation for minority talent. By speaking out against his former agency and shining a light on the disparities he faced, Howard is not only seeking justice for himself but also advocating for greater transparency and fairness for all actors, regardless of race.

"I was unaware that in the packaging deal, my agents had an incentive to keep my pay low. When I questioned them about it, they explained that as producers, they would negotiate higher salaries elsewhere. However, this ultimately meant that my compensation suffered," Howard explained. "They owe me over $120 million, which is what my white counterparts would have been paid in similar circumstances. That's why I've decided to take legal action."

"When I confronted them about my owed money, they sent me a check for $666 without any explanation. It felt like a threat," Howard recounted. "But I refuse to be intimidated or silenced. I'm speaking out because I can't help but wonder how many other Black artists are being treated unfairly in similar situations."

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