Russell Wilson Has Found A New Home

Steelers' fans are on the search for Russell Wilson jerseys. Russell is the new quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The deal was sealed and Russell is getting back to the bag after Denver Broncos broke up with him.

Wilson's new contract will pay him the league minimum of $1.21 million for the upcoming 2024 season, which is played out to be a steel for the Steelers not having to dish out so much cash for Wilson. Don't slip Russell Wilson is a nine-time Pro Bowler who could have commanded more on the open market in free agency, dut actually settled to close the deal.

When the Broncos cut Wilson they knew they were still on the hook to pay him $40 million in 2024 no matter what. Wilson still moved forward to sign with Pittsburgh for the $1.21 mil. Now how it works is the Broncos will still have to pay Russell but minus the amount that Pittsburgh has agreed to pay the Quarterback.

The NFL showed love for the new match up with Russell and the Steelers by chiming in with a post X/ formally Twitter. Check it out below.

Russell will now be playing for a team that were one step away from Super Bowl gold.

Photo: Getty Images

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