Kanye West And Daughter North West Are On Another Level

Kanye West has over 20 years of making hits that climb the Billboard charts. Crushing it in the record books, Kanye also known as Ye is the first rapper to cross over three decades; the 2000's,

Ye new single "Carnival" was streamed more than 33 million times in the past week, with 3.9 million radio airplay impressions nearly doubled its total from the week prior, reported by Billboard.

Kanye hadn't had time to put up numbers on the charts like this since the antisemitism controversies he was facing recently. The drama threaten Kanye's pockets by Adidas pulling away from West. Breaking their new partnership that had just kicked off with the biggest anticipation from his fans to rock Yeezy swag. Kanye's Forbes listed net worth went from an estimated $2 billion to $400 million. Kanye has went all in with revitalizing his brand. This past NFL Super Bowl during commercials Kanye's 30-second spot, costed him around $7 million. West kept it simple since he claimed he spent all his money on just securing his commercial spot. He had a $O budget at this point, but the musical genus sold over $19 million in sales.

West used his cell phone camera to record the commercial with a straightforward message....."Hey y’all, this is Ye, and this is my commercial," he stated. "And since we spent all the money on the commercial spot, we actually – we didn’t spend any money on the actual commercial. But the idea is I want you to go to Yeezy.com." He encouraged all watching to go to his website and order.

The power of Yeezy was infectious; not only did sales increase tremendously with the biggest win; West's album surged to the top of the Billboard rankings in 100 countries.

Kanye achieved chart success with “Carnival” and “Vultures 1 following his marketing strategy.

“Carnival” features Ty Dollar $ign. The song knocks off Beyoncé’s first country hit, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” at the top of this week’s Billboard Hot 100 chart.

While Kanye is securing Billboard 100 top spots his daughter North West announced that she has been working on an album. "Elementary Drop Out" mirroring her dad's "College Drop Out" from 2000.

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Video : TMZ YouTube

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